Barbara Mayden Legal Consulting

Legal Consulting

Young Mayden offers legal consulting services on strategic growth initiatives such as whether law firms should merge, open additional offices in new geographic areas, and whether certain practice groups should be added or eliminated. For corporations and non-profit organizations, Young Mayden can also help assess legal staffing and determine next steps.

Barbara Mayden has been a popular speaker and author on law firm workplace issues for over twenty-five years. She has published many articles on the legal workplace’s changing demographics as well as changes in workplace structures. Such articles have appeared in legal and other periodicals, including the Harvard Business Review. In addition, she co-authored the first comprehensive book on workplace policies for lawyers, “Lawyers and Balanced Lives: A Guide to Drafting and Implementing Workplace Policies for Lawyers.” She has appeared on scores of professional panels, and currently speaks to law school classes about the practice of law (recently including the University of Michigan, University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, and Vanderbilt University) and is featured in various American Bar Association entity Podcasts.

“Are you interested in teaching again? You do get rave reviews….”