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Young Mayden approaches legal search and recruitment of top-notch legal talent differently than other executive search firms. “Connecting lawyers we know with workplaces we understand” is our brand, because it defines our method for meeting client objectives. Young Mayden’s connections are personal; achieved through years of interaction with and knowledge of our clients’ work environments and business issues. Young Mayden principals, Barbara Mayden and Ken Young conduct peer-to-peer searches utilizing invaluable contacts and friendships cultivated over 60+ years of combined law practice and service to the organized bar.

Whether a law firm is searching for lateral expertise or a presence in another city,  whether a corporate legal department or non-profit organization is seeking to grow, or whether a  state, local or national law-related organization is seeking a President or Executive Director, Young Mayden searches are conducted based on a full understanding of the client before the first candidate is considered.

  • What Is the client’s culture and financial philosophy?

  • What value does the client place on being considered a good place to work?

  • What is its turnover history?

  • What value Is placed on diversity?

No two law firms or corporate legal departments are the same. Young Mayden understands that it is less likely to achieve its number one benchmark against which it measures its success – retention – if the firm does not completely understand the client at the outset of the relationship. Only after a clear understanding of exactly what skills and other attributes are sought and the work environment in which a candidate will be placed will Young Mayden consider and offer candidates to the client. Similar communication with potential candidates will be undertaken before the first resume is submitted. Young Mayden will not waste the client’s time and energy by supplying resumes of unsuitable candidates.

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The principals of Young Mayden have been at the place you may be now. They too have made moves and are committed to the concept that there will be no “frying pan into the fire” placements. Young Mayden will get to know each and every candidate and what motivates that candidate’s desire for a move and will have in-depth discussions about potential workplaces before any resume is forwarded. Whether your search is for a position as a law firm partner or associate or in-house; from California to New York to Texas to Illinois and all locations in between, we will work with you individually and confidentially to find a workplace that works for you. Confidentiality is key to your successful job search. With Young Mayden, you will remain in control of your information. Young Mayden will never submit your resume without your authorization. As is standard in this area, fees are not paid to Young Mayden by the candidate seeking a position but are paid by the employer upon commencement of employment.

“You have worked wonders. I will never lose sight of your patience, professionalism and fine work.”

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