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Our Fees

For legal placements, as is standard in this area, fees are not paid to Young Mayden by the candidate seeking a position. Instead, they are paid by the employer upon commencement of employment. Three fee structures are available to the employer/client, depending on the nature of the search and the preference of the employer:

  • Contingency

  • Retainer/Contingency

  • Retainer

The most appropriate fee structure for any particular search is determined by the client and Young Mayden at the outset of the engagement, prior to the presentation of candidates.

Career counseling fees, payable by the attorney seeking the advice or as part of the law firm or law department outplacement, are charged at a flat rate, calculated based upon what specific services are requested or as specifically negotiated between Young Mayden and the firm or law department seeking career counseling services.

Counseling fees, which may be hourly or project-based, are determined between Young Mayden and the client at the outset of any engagement.

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